We are Fabriken

Yes, we are the mobile first generation but we still remember the good old days. When a 56k-modem and Netscape was all you needed. 

Since then a lot has happened. But our passion for tech and the internet still remains.

Some would call us developers, some would call us project managers and some would call us consultants.

All of the above suits us very well. Because we are Fabriken, and we do it all.

We believe in quality deliverables and are always striving for a solution that suites your budget and needs.

Our strength is not only our talented engineers and programmers. We believe our strength lies in how diverse our team is. With backgrounds in digital business, product development, tech and advertising we know how we can help your idea come to life in the best possible way.

Give us a call or send us an email. We would love to be your friend!

30+ developers in our team!

Working with a wide spread of languages and frameworks.
If you are looking for something specific don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we believe in

At Fabriken we aim to measure success not with money but in positive impact on the world around us. Working with what we know best, to create a better today and tomorrow, inspired us to pledge 1% of our revenue to charities using technology to create equal possibilities for people no matter where they live.

Say hi!

We would love to answer any questions of yours. Or just chat about life…


+46 736 33 64 13

FBRKN Digital AB
Brahegatan 17
114 37 Stockholm